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Value-Based Entertainment That Makes a Difference

A Purpose and Heart-Driven Company

"To educate, inspire and elevate the world!"

"New York Rhapsody" written and performed by Allan Jay Friedman



Picture Book Productions, LLC


Value-Based- Pre-Broadway Musicals and Celebrity-Entertainment-Seminars In New Spaces at a Fraction of the Cost Followed by Motion Pictures and Complete Brands

                       Creating a New Vision to Elevate the World Through Entertainment


















Picture Book Productions, LLC (PBP), is the first of its kind Family-Value-Based Theatrical, Movie and Internet Multi-Media-Entertainment Co.

It presents a new form of book and musical combination called "Story Teller Musicals." This creates a new style of Audio Books called, "Audio Musical Books." This is a Picture Book that illustrates and briefly tells the story with an Audio Musical in back. (Example available). The PBP Audio Book presents a new style of writing called, Magical Reality."

Together, we hope, they will bring hope, truth and transformation to a world desperately in need of it, through elevating family entertainment. (See: Mission.)


Along with its theatrical musicals, major concerts in 5-7000 seat houses and Las Vegas Resort Theaters and Resort Theaters throughout the World, Audio Musical Books and entertainment seminars will be  presented. (See: Seminars.)

PBP is also involved in videos and Music Publishing, iPad and iPhone Musicals, dolls, toys, a variety of merchandise, video-games and movies for the entire family.

(See: Projects).

Each of PBP's Pre-Broadway Musicals are a major Brand that reflect the 'lessons from the heart' that many great masterpiece and works of art reveals.

PBP uses authors and well-known stars and creates new ones in both old and new spaces at reasonable costs and prices. This art form requires only the minimal number of performers, a screen for visuals and sound effects and a piano or more instruments to create its innovative StoryTeller's Musicals.'

Each PBP production is produced at a minimum cost and licensing fee and minimum adjustable ticket prices appropriate for each venue. This insures that each venue makes a profit and attracts appropriate audiences along with "Third World" countries that could formerly not be able to enjoy Pre-Broadway musicals.

PBP's stellar group includes: Academy-Tony-Grammy-Emmy Award winners for their musicals along with Olympic Gold Medallists and renowned people in Health-Law-Science-Medicine-Sports-Architecture and other fields for their seminars.

Along with theaters and major concert halls, the initial launching of the new family and value-based musicals, PBP's Audio Musical Books and family and corporate entertainment seminars will be presented. They will be performed, simultaneously, at theaters, multiple movie houses, hotels, shopping centers, museums, art galleries and other spaces.

Note: PBP can create musicals and Audio Musical Books of all the  classic books, stories, myths and historical events along with existing movies, TV series, Specials, biographies as well as workshop any motion picture or TV project before production to see if it should be produced.

The goal of PBP is to take the attached musicals and Audio Musical Books and do a season of 4-6 of them yearly around the country and the world, simultaneously, followed by a movie and complete Brand.

Along with the musicals and movies will be toys, dolls, all kinds of merchandise, video games; entertainment seminars; and, an elevating and major movement (See: Seminars and butterflyeffect.us).

All 30 of the initial projects are completed. Many have already been work-shopped. Four can be produced for less than the cost of ‘one' Broadway Musical.

NOTE: the Audio Musical Book Co. will precede the major concert and theatrical musical and promote the movie, Brand and all of PBP's other companies listed below.

There are over 10,000 markets throughout the world where PBP productions can be performed.

"Pinocchio and Mounette" has already been test-marketed in small venues in Scottsdale, Az. and El Paso, Texas.(See projects and marketing). Over 20,000 people attended at five dollars each in a three week period. It sold 10,000 books and CD's at $18.00 each and grossed over $250k.

"Trust Your Goosebumps, Cornelius Puck" has been successfully workshopped. It starred multiple Tony Award Winner, Bobby Morse. It was directed by multiple Emmy Award Winner, Joel Zwick (Hershey Felder's "Gershwin on Broadway" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," etc.)

Mr. Friedman has 15 produced musicals that have received from 500-1000 productions a year for over 30 years and an offer to do seventeen more. The financial potential of what he is now doing is enormous.

The first Audio Musical Books, major concerts, theatrical musicals and their  respective product lines are "Undaunted" (A Utopian Opera) written by Michael C. Tobias and Jeff Silbar; "El Paso" written with Bill Froehlich and Jeff Silbar; "Kennedy," written with Leslie Bricusse;" "The Working Girl's Guide to Finding a Mate," written with Carol Quinn; "Pinocchio and Mounette,"   written with Bob Merrill; "Trust Your Goosebumps, Cornelius Puck; Calamity Jane and Wild Bill," written with Katherine Jones, Jeff Silbar, Amanda McBroom, Larry Gatlin, etc.

These will create: an Olympia Arts Cable Network; an Internet Multi-Media Film-Theater-Arts School with the most reknown teachers in the world; an Annual Symposium of Excellence; a Dream World Toy Store that features a Hall of Champions with life-size Legends from every field that tell young people  how they found and manifested their purpose-driven-destiny with small talking models of each (see Projects); a Major Concert Company; the PBP Stock-Amateur Company, which will provide new value-based musicals for all the schools, colleges and regional theaters throughout the world; PBP Recording and CD Company, which will feature new and established artists; PBP'S Audio Musical Books and DVD Video Company; PBP Art Company, which will feature new artists and illustrators; PBP Movie-TV and Internet Company; PBP Doll-Toy-Video Game Company; PBP Merchandising Company; PBP Real Estate and Development Company; PBP Artists Agency, which will represent new actors, singers, dancers, writers, composers, lyricists, directors, producers, artists, illustrators, etc.

We will air these Audio Book Musicals on PBS, where we can sell them and the entire product line prior to producing the motion picture and full Brand.

By creating these divisions, we can control much of the software of the entertainment, seminar and health markets and, eventually, take PBP public.

"The Course of Legends," created with Dr. Bill Harrison, and "The Butterfly Movement," created with Victoria Howard, are a "Family Think Tank and Entertainment Seminars. They are an adjunct to Picture Book Productions, LLC. (See: Marketing).

A portion of all PBP's profits goes to help millions of homeless and abused children along with homeless and abused pets.

Every one of PBP's initial 30 Musicals will then be produced as a motion picture followed by a complete Brand.



Audio Musical Books:

Note: For each Audio Musical Book, we will use one or more of the stars that we will use in the Major Concert Venue. This will use an author or star and symphony orchestras in 5-7000 seat Venues like the Staples Center. This will follow the Audio Pictur Book. Because there are no time restraints and minimal rehearsal, many of the stars we can deliver; and, many can do multiple Audio Musical Books that present a new approach to musicals.

FYI: The project attracts the star and cast. The star attracts the audience. Since the star can read the Story Teller's part, there's minimal recording and rehearsal time. This allows stars to do both the recording and concert when available. And, since the concert can be done in any large or small venue, there is no time parameter like there is for theater, which requires bookings months or years in advance. Additionally, they can perform in the motion picture that follows.

Other PBP's Books,CD's, Audio Musical Books, Major Concerts and Pre-Broadway Musicals and movies include:


‘In Love Again” written by Allan Jay Friedman.

"Kingdom of Innocents," written with Mazie Scherr, based on a novel by Mildred Cram.

"Going Sane," written with Robert Fisher,- based on Samuel Butler's "Erewhon."

"Trilby"- based on the classic bok.


“The Count of Monte Cristo,” written  with Trevor Lissauer and Jonathan Tunick, based on the classic.

"Love in a Piano Roll Factory" - written with Robert Fisher and Paul Manning.

"My Sister Elynor" - written with Robert Rudnick and Jeff Silbar.

"Dream of Camelot"

"The President and the Mistress"

"Why?" - written with Dr. Richard McKinsey - 18 homeless children tell their stories.

To learn more about these movies and musicals, click on: Projects and click on whatever title you want to know about.